ANVIZ Fingerprint & RFID Standalone Access Control System
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  • The T5-PRO is a standalone Access Control System that can be used in conjunction with a Door Release, Exit Button and Door Sensor to control Access to a single door by using Fingerprint and RFID card/tag authentication.

  • The T5-PRO can be used as a standalone system and as a part of a Building Access Control system, thanks to its TCP/IP ports which allows it to connect to the Anviz Intelligent Management software.

  • The T5-PRO can also be used with the Anviz SAC822 (2 Relay Output Access Controller), Anviz SAC844 (4 Relay Output Access Controller) or Anviz SC011 (1 Relay Output Access Controller) if required.

  • Small in size and compact in design. Can be easily installed on doorframe

  • New generation fully sealed, waterproof and dustproof fingerprint sensor

  • Easy user enrollment on the unit via Master Card or in the management software on computer

  • Identification method: fingerprint, card, fingerprint + card

  • Compatible with RFID cards and tags

  • Fingerprint Storage Capacity: 1000

  • Log capacity: 50000

  • Designed for indoor use