ANVIZ Keypad & Fingerprint Time and Attendance System with Access Control Reader
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  • The T50 is a Time and Attendance unit with Access Control capability.

  • The T50 is very flexible and can be used in a variety of ways

  • Its main function is to be a Standalone Time and Attendance unit, it supports Keypad only, Keypad plus fingerprint, or Fingerprint only authentication.

  • The unit can store 1000 fingerprints and 50000 records. These can be accessed via TCP/IP using the Anviz Intelligent Management software, or via the USB port on the unit.

  • The T50 has a Doorbell button and a relay output that can be used to connect to a Door Release. Allowing standalone access control of one door.

  • The T50 can also be used with the Anviz SAC822 (2 Relay Output Access Controller), Anviz SAC844 (4 Relay Output Access Controller) or Anviz SC011 (1 Relay Output Access Controller) if required.

  • Easy user enrollment on the unit itself or from the management software on computer

  • The unit is designed for indoor use as supplied or outdoor use when used with the optional T50-WP Weatherproof Cover


Item Description
Algorithm BioNANO V10
Sensor AFOS300 Optical Sensor
Scan Area 22mm*18mm
Resolution 500 DPI
Fingerprint Capacity 1000
Log Capacity 50000
Identification Mode FP,ID+FP,ID+PW
Identification Time <0.5 Sec
FRR 0.001%
FAR 0.00001%
Communication Interface RS485, Mini USB, TCP/IP, Wiegand Out
Door Sensor Yes
Case Material Metal Case(Optional)
Size 74(w)*144(h)*40(d)mm
Temperature -10℃~40℃
IP Level IP53(Optional Waterproof Cover)