Benchmark Magazine XHR204P Review

In the latest addition of Benchmark Magazine, the second part of their in-depth group tests of HD-SDI recorders and how it's emerging onto the market is published. This time with an Xvision product that we exclusively distribute here at Y3K. 

Benchmark Magazine, did not hold back when it came down to complimenting and highlighting the countless positives of the Xvision product -
  • The GUI of the unit is pretty clean, and it certainly has an intuitive feel 
  • It's very 'surveillance-centric' 
  • Simple menus contain what you expect them to include
  • Following the settings through you'll pretty much get the recorder configured as you require
  • Image quality is good, with high levels of detail and colour accuracy when the unit is set to HD 1080p resolution at the highest quality level (5) 
  • Prompted Drive Failure - Unit was certainly robust, restarting and handling the problem without any issues
A Final verdict stated, 'The XHR204P from Y3K is a decent machine that delivers standards-compliant HD video on all channels, simultaneously. It represents a good choice if seeking a mainstream option'.

The XHR204P was put up to the test and not surprisingly beat the competitive competition. Scoring highest with an impressive overall 81% rating. Here was the competition:
  • Abus Security TUHD8000
  • Grundig GRH-K1004A
  • Samsung SRD-480P1T
  • G-Tec SR2004HDPro
  • Luxrite VTSDDVR04G
  • Videcon VHDR7-16
  • Everfocus EDR-HD-4H4
  • Webgate HD1600M
Check out the full review -  Benchmark Magazine October addition

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