Smart-i Enters into the Smarthome Market

Smart-I is bringing sharp, reliable and affordable home security to the market for the very first time. The app-controlled security system will allow customers to control cameras, smoke & carbon monoxide alarms, indoor and outdoor sirens, PIR Sensors and flood/water detectors.


The Smart-I home security range provides the customer with three systems in the home for CCTV, Alarms and Power Control all rolled into one singular control. The next generation of home security deters and detects crime while keeping you informed and in control. This new dimension is giving customers flexibility and control in a fully integrated system.


The Smart Home Security system that offers a wide range of smart features including: Indoor and Outdoor CCTV, Alarm sensors for detecting intruders, water leaks, smoke and harmful Carbon dioxide fumes, it gives appliance and lighting control, remote access to cameras and allows recording to be remotely activated from a Smartphone or Tablet and direct alerts can be immediately sent to your Smartphone or Tablet.


Any device in your home that uses electricity can be put on your home network and at your command. Whether you give that command by remote control, Tablet or Smartphone, the home will react.


The Smart Home Security system is fitted with IFTTT – intelligent thinking system. For those not familiar, IFTTT (IF This happens Then do That) is a feature that creates scenarios to automate lifestyle (If sunset, switch on lamp). This allows the user to set chains of simple commands called 'Scenarios' which are triggered based on changes to other device. They can be as simple or as complex as they need to be!


For more information on the Smart-I Home Security Systems, go to where you can see the full range of products and find out more about our innovative technology.

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