Covert care camera guidance approved by Care Quality Commission

Due to the recent approval granted by the Care Quality Commission you can now offer a service to eradicate the constant worry people feel about elderly relatives in care homes. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) have approved the installation of covert cameras to check on the standard of care in homes. 

There have been many issues brought to light in recent news regarding poor care to elderly residents including physical abuse and theft, you can now offer your customers peace of mind, if they have any such suspicions then they can watch back events recorded by covert camera systems.  

The CQC have reacted to the issues of poor care that have recently been highlighted in the news and on TV. Some covert systems have already been installed in homes and have proved to be a success. Despite complaints care doesn’t seem to improve until evidence is laid out in front of the homes at which point, change happens. In addition to this, management companies of care homes have stated that 87% of relatives wanted visible cameras in care homes. 

Covert cameras are easy to install, easy to monitor and can be placed anywhere to get the best view. The Xvision range of HD 960H covert cameras are perfect for this, with the XC960PIR designed to look like a PIR sensor, ideal for hidden surveillance. Other offerings include the XC960SC snake camera (the world's smallest covert camera) and the XC960SA camera designed to look like a smoke alarm. All with HD 960H quality images and nearly impossible to spot, giving you reliable and unbiased evidence.

To find out more about these products or we can assist your general CCTV needs, please contact our sales team on 0208 689 9999.

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