Access Control Keeping Schools Safe

Schools are back in session after the winter break, but security is a 24/7 matter any time of year. K-12 and upper education are on high alert, dealing with increased incidents of violence, crime and vandalism. Access control is often the chosen technology of this vertical market, pairing well with CCTV, emergency communications and lockdown. Integrators and dealers who understand the nuances of this market can easily become preferred solution providers.

Schools increasingly enhancing their security with access control their go-to technology. Y3K provide Access Control & Door Entry systems and software through our Anviz range of products. These systems are designed for industries including corporate, education, government, healthcare, retail and events.

Ensuring that students, teachers, employees and visitors all use biometric technology is critical to identifying who should be in the premises and who should not.

Schools also turn to access control because it provides the overall structure to deter problems. Having an Access Control system will help the school know whether the doors are locked and keep track of who enters the building. It also protects other assets such as IT rooms, labs or libraries by only allowing authorised access into those premises.

And there’s plenty for schools to choose from, depending on their needs and determined after a thorough security assessment. For example, an easily installed T50 Pro Fingerprint & RFID Access Control System. The innovative fingerprint access controller fully integrates both fingerprint & RFID technology.

For authorised access into rooms or storage, the school can choose the L100-II fingerprint lock. This smart-lock will restrict access into sensitive areas and provide peace of mind when storing assets.

Providing the end user a solid plan for lockdowns and to make sure school security specifications are enforced is a great way for the dealer or integrator to add value to the specification and expand their scope of services.

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