Hospital staff to wear mini CCTV cameras to capture acts of violence from patients

Workers at one of the UK's busiest hospitals will wear chest-mounted security cameras in a bid to reduce verbal and physical attacks from patients.

Five state-of-the-art CCTV cameras will be worn by security guards at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff - and will be turned on whenever they feel an act of violence could occur.

Case manager Carl Ball, who provides support to staff who have been attacked or abused, said the high-definition cameras will accompany the current live cameras placed around the Heath site.

The audio aspect of the mini cameras is "vital” when it comes to successful prosecutions, he said.

He added: "The cameras were introduced because of the level of abuse, threats and violence against NHS staff.

Staff have called for extra security, especially as conviction numbers are exceptionally low as no evidence can be obtained. The coincidence of this news with the recent news that Covert CCTV cameras are allowed to be placed inside care homes, the need for Covert CCTV is higher than ever.

Here at Y3K, we appreciate the need for this type of security and how it can benefit not only the NHS but wider ‘caring’ institutions but businesses in general where discretion is key.

Our range of Covert CCTV give you high-resolution images and the ability to blend in for discreet recording. Our cameras are disguised as normal appliances such as a Smoke Alarm or PIR Alarm Sensor but are equipped with a high-resolution lens and even audio recording. The range even features a ‘snake’ camera that can be placed almost anywhere in a building to record both great picture but also audio.

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