Britons Embrace CCTV

In a survey questioning 6,000 adults in France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the UK, Britain had the second highest number of people who felt that CCTV did not affect freedom, after Sweden.

More than two thirds of people in Britain (67 per cent) do not think CCTV poses a problem and 81 per cent believe it helps police fight crime.

The Spanish largely disagreed with Britons, with 67 per cent saying CCTV invades privacyOverall, however, Spain seems to be conflicted over CCTV, as it had the highest percentage of people who supported the cameras in reducing crime. Spain's relatively high robbery rate may affect this support, as the country had 1,188 robberies per 100,000 people in 2012 compared to 137 per 100,000 in England and Wales.

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